Comments from our valuable clients.


John Leslie King

Wow, I enjoyed their services and still do. Gave me my best fit and I’ve been enjoying my friend ever since. Trust me, if you try them you won’t regret and thanks guys for your newsletters, it’s been really helpful.


Jane Doe

Haven’t actually received a service like this in a while. Got my Golden retriever delivered right at my doorstep and been loving that dog ever since. Thanks guys. Thanks a lot.

Billy K. Bonilla

Needed a pet for my 10yr old and a friend linked me up to this site. Didn’t regret it though. Was thrilled with the way my kid loved his dog and that they actually did call to follow up, was wonderful. Thumbs up!

Daniel L. Lawrence

This was like a dog matching or blind date thingy the way they got me my cute little Maltese. It’s just so PERFECT!! Love it and do love you guys.

Spencer Hooker

Not really good at this dog training thing but thank guys for helping out. Been always there to reply to my every question and complaints, now my pal is growing fine. I’m grateful tho I still have some more questions tho but really, thanks for the aid so far, it’s been really helpful.

Rebecca Gill

Doing business with you guys was great. Mostly I really appreciate the Wellness small breed food pack I was given along with my puppy, been helping me keep him on a diet, although this little guy like a giant but he’s growing well. Thanks a lot.

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