How to purchase the puppies

To enable you to purchase a puppy, all you have to do is to go to the available puppy section and have a look at the puppies we have available and make a choice on the one you want. After making your choice, click on the ‘Buy me now' link there and you will be redirected to our contact us page where a form will be given to you. All you need do is fill out the form with the required information and then submit, we will surely get back to you as soon as possible with your desired puppy.

1. We deliver quick responses to all inquiries in less than 24hours and also render 100% attention to esteemed customers.

2. We provide professional guidance in helping you select the best suitable choice of dog for you with the best of health and which also meets our expectations which we believe are not below your standards.

3. Full payment is always required before delivery or pick up. Try to ensure that your payment is received at least one business day before the initial delivery date to make sure all health checks and documents required are processed.

4. In terms of shipping, flight arrangements are made for Monday, Wednesday and Friday, so you can let us know which day is best convenient for you. Once we have made arrangements, you will be informed and then you would be able to track your puppy through the shipping agent’s website.

5. We ship puppies as soon as they are of traveling age according to the destination country's rules and regulation. Though normal traveling age should be around ten to seventeen weeks though if we are to delay for rules like this, we hold your puppies for the time being with no extra cost.

6. We only sell registered puppies. All our puppies are registered and come with their registration papers but in case you want to transfer it to your local kennel club, you can give us the name and address you’d like to be on the papers.

7. Customer satisfaction comes first and for this, we always want to make sure you are 100% satisfied at all times. In order to do that, we ensure your puppy is thoroughly checked a day before departure by our experienced and licensed veterinarian and also we separate your puppy from its mother and litter mates as late as possible so as to curb or eradicate any separation anxiety or socialization issues. There is also an official veterinarian at the airport that also checks to see if your puppy is healthy enough to travel.

8. Please endeavor to wait for your puppy at the airport at the expected time. Your puppy will be due to be collected an hour after the flight's arrival time and you would need an ID such as Driver’s license, Passport, National ID as a means of verification to identify the receiver. We also do home delivery, which costs about $75, if the need arises. We really appreciate knowing that your puppy arrived safely and would love it if you send us an email to that effect and please do not forget to take your dog for the regular arrival-health-check-up within the first 48 hours of arrival.

9. We suggest you give your puppy bottled water but mix with your tap water till he gets used to your tap water and that you try feeding him with the same brand he has been fed with as a nutritional starter pack is sent with each puppy which should last for about 2 weeks approximately.

10.  A follow-up call is placed from us to you after you have claimed possession of your pup to know if everything is going great and answer any questions you might have as well as to measure up your satisfaction

11. We value our relationship with you and intend on building a lasting one and as such will be keeping in touch with you through newsletters for valuable tips and other information.

12. The original documents which include pedigree, vaccination booklet and guarantee are sent along with your new pet.

13. As part of our care for you and your puppy and to continue building that long lasting relationship, we would enjoy lovely pictures of your pup’s growth and development.

14. We would enjoy and appreciate your referrals and also reward you for them.

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