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Browse through our collection and if you don’t find the breed you seek please do not fail to email us and we are sure to find your choice of puppy. We look forward to hearing from you.

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We are excited to share a member of our family with you!

At Danipups we are a team of well trained and highly dedicated lovers who with many years of experience in the breeding of pets and selection of the most suitable and compatible pups for persons and families. Danipups is regarded for its standard and top quality and also its quality of services it renders. To us, it is not just about buying pups or sales between a seller and a buyer but we are family and go into every dealing as a family. As a family who possess lots of love for our pups, we always want to make sure our pups find the right partner and they find each other and are catered for in a happy environment and household as we believe a happy animal would guarantee a happy experience and also a happy customer and that is our utmost aim and purpose.

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Why should you choose us?

Because we have gone around the world to find that puppy that is best for you and fits just right. No matter the breed you wish for or you want, we are here to provide that for you and we don't just leave you hanging after the purchase, we still provide you with tips and information for you and your puppy to live together in the best ways possible. We offer excellent and top notch after sales consulting service with proven quick responses to help you build that long-lasting relationship and bond with your furry friend. Like earlier said, we are family and we take care of our own.

Visit our puppies' page so you can take your pick amongst the variety of dogs we have for you and then feel free to contact us about your options. We already know what you are in search of, which is the best and top quality, and that is exactly just what we offer and trust us to give you nothing less than the best. We ensure you of healthy and well-vaccinated puppies. We sell our puppies at about 2 – 3 months of age in addition, a certificate of good health and we also ask questions before partnering them up. We would appreciate if you did too.

Dani Pups Home

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